UN Thematic Consultation on Conflict, Fragility & Disaster

This paper issued by the policy drafting committee of Beyond 2015 for Conflict, Fragility & Disaster aims to shed lights on the efforts to develop the Post-2015 Development Agenda which was started by the UN (United Nations) almost two years ago and which included as well Sudan as has been published in this page before. 
In funding these approaches the international community must address the problem of the gap between humanitarian, development and peacebuilding partners, and develop appropriate funding and delivery models that can be adapted to national or local realities. Significant increases in long-term funding need to be allocated for sustainable development and peace-building in areas traditionally the domain of humanitarian funding. Institutional donors need also more confidence in programming in fragile environments, through the development of protocols and continuing to build an emerging evidence base. There needs to be agreement about how state and peace-building can include support for health and other human development goals and vice-versa. 

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