TASW Newsletter, June 2016



Dear TASW network members,

We are pleased to inform you that we are resuming the email updates for Towards a Safer World (TASW) Network. As always the aim is to share with members of the Network the latest updates, experience and innovation, case studies, and best practices of initiatives and projects aimed to strengthen pandemic and disaster preparedness and response.
Data are compiled from open-source covering relevant stakeholders and the media to provide a broad overview of developments of relevant strands of work around the world.

You are kindly invited to send us your suggestions and ideas, on both the form and the content of these updates, so we can make this as useful as possible for a wide spectrum of related disciplines, sectors and actors. Grateful for sharing the TASW updates with your colleagues and networks to encourage them to join the Network. Our roster of experts is currently being updated. To join please fill-in this form.