Are we prepared to help low-resource populations mitigate a severe pandemic?

The attached (see below) relates to the 8 documents (over 200 pages) posted on the CDC website on updated guidance on community mitigation for pandemic flu (at tabs for Community Mitigation Guidelines to Prevent Pandemic Influenza – United States, 2017 & Pre-Pandemic NPI Planning Guides).

This updated CDC guidance is for the same non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) with regard to which the CDC & 15 other US federal agencies first posted 100 pages of detailed guidance in Feb. 2007 (

This kind of guidance, which is even more important for the low-resource populations around the world with which we work, remains mostly unavailable for developing countries to adapt, prepare to roll out if needed, & test.

There is thus a continuing need for a package of guidance on measures which districts & communities could take (focused on NPIs for families & communities, & home care for those not severely ill), without any outside resources (other than information), in the event of a severe pandemic from a novel respiratory virus.