Cambodia Case Study

Author: Dr. Sok Touch, MBDS Regional Moderator, Cambodia

Community Resilience to Emerging Infectious Diseases as part of local disaster risk reduction in Cambodia

Emerging diseases pose a most challenging threat to both the health system in the affected countries and the community at large especially when pandemic becomes a disaster. To cope with this situation, health and community system need to be reoriented to deal with a specific situation while being better prepared for similar threats or foreseeable conditions in the future.

Cambodia is affected by Avian Influenza in animal since 24 January 2004 with first human cases detected on 21 January 2005. There was a fluctuation in laboratory confirmed human cases of avian influenza A/H5N1 from 2005 until 2012 with a total of 21 cases with only 2 cases that survived. However, in 2013, a surge of human cases was observed with 26 human cases with 12 cases who survived.