Executive Summary and Event Report - Taking Stock of Achievements-Charting Future Directions

TASW event: Taking Stock of Achievements-Charting Future Directions that was held on 20th May 2013 in Geneva at the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction.
See Executive Summary and Event Report

The event brought together 47 members of the TASW network. They examined what has been achieved since 2011 and they considered how best to strengthen the capacity and contribution of the network’s members. The event also led to proposals for ways in which pandemics and other health threats can best be incorporated in the international agenda for disaster risk reduction (the Hyogo Framework for Action, which will be revised in 2015).

Summary of the main points of discussion:

I Participants identified three main impact areas that members of the network are most effective contributors to. These are: 1) Preparing for a unpredictable threats that cross borders and affect the safety of all people, 2) Preparing for worst case scenarios, on a basis of trust and mutual respect and 3) Bridging gaps in information and differences in approach.

II Participants also identified future needs of members of the TASW network so their skills can be further developed through the continued sharing of information and best practices. This will involve drawing on existing tools to improve synergy in preparedness, to measure the status of preparedness and identify gaps, and to assess the impact of preparedness strategies and the actions they seek to promote. Participants acknowledged the need to intensify advocacy for the minimum level of resources needed to prepare for pandemics and other unpredictable and extreme global threats.

III In looking ahead participants discussed how the network might make inputs to the revised Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA2). They recognized the need to increased alignment of the HFA with the processes for Implementation of the International Health Regulations. The TASW network will seek to support preparation for, and implementation, of HFA2 – particularly priority action 4 (reducing risks).

IV TASW members are well placed to link the principles of global instruments (like IHR and HFA) into actions that national authorities might take to reduce risk. Members of the TASW will also seek involvement in the development of HFA2 through national dialogues, regional platforms and the global platform of the World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in 2015. They will seek both to sustain and streamline pandemic preparedness, incorporating whole of society and mutlisectroal pandemic preparedness concepts into the HFA2.

V As a follow-up to this workshop, the plan for the TASW network for 2013 – 2014 will be shared with network members and supporters. A review of progress will be held before September 2014.