A Healthier and Safer World: An Interview with Dr. David Nabarro

Huffington Post: "Imagine a safer and healthier world. A place where diseases did not fester for months or years until public outcry demanded action. A world without pandemics, and one with thriving, healthy children. And, a time when we take a global view of health rather than hoping that political borders were enough to protect us. In the reality of today’s world, everyone’s health is intertwined.

Governments and international bodies such as the World Health Organization are needed for leadership and support, but we all have a stake in this vision and we all have a part to play.

This week I had the opportunity to query Dr. David Nabarro on his thoughts about a healthier future for our world. In the past 12 years, successive Secretaries-General of the United Nations have entrusted Dr. Nabarro to lead action on some of the most pressing and complex challenges of this century - responding to influenza and other pandemics, promoting food security, ending malnutrition, and advancing efforts relating to climate change."

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