The needs of people with diabetes and other chronic conditions in natural disasters

Despite there being a significant increase in morbidity and mortality in those with chronic conditions, the main focus in disaster response and recovery has been on acute medical conditions and first aid.

Over recent years, there has been a shift to considering the effects of natural disasters on people with chronic conditions when planning for emergencies and natural disasters.

Raising awareness of the importance of self-management is an integral part of keeping people with diabetes and other chronic conditions out of both the hospital system and the immediate response units after a natural disaster. This helps keep those limited resources that may be available to those who require immediate medical attention for acute conditions.

The target audience for this guide is those organisations and personnel who deal with natural disasters and emergencies during the planning stages such as local disaster management groups (local council) as well as those who deal with ‘on-the-ground’ situations after a natural disaster has occurred, such as those managing evacuation centres.

This guide focuses on diabetes, however it also considers disaster management and the needs of people with chronic conditions more generally, as many people with diabetes have other co-existing chronic conditions.

The full document in PDF available below.