Table-Top Simulation Exercise for Pandemic Influenza

Materials that enable you to conduct a 1-day pandemic influenza table-top simulation exercise are attached.

The materials should be and can easily be tailored by you to reflect your own organizational and geographical settings and issues. Undertaking a simulation exercise for a pandemic also helps to stimulate preparedness for other related threats, as much preparedness is generic rather than hazard-specific.

This Pandemic Influenza Simulation Table-Top Exercise package uses a progressive pandemic scenario together with injects to enable participants to better understand the potential impact of a pandemic with the aim of facilitating appropriate contingency planning and preparedness actions.
The objectives of the pandemic influenza simulation are to:

  1. Raise the level of awareness of an influenza pandemic and the impact that it might have on staff health + safety and business continuity.
  2. Understand the key preparedness measures required to ensure health + safety of staff and continuity of essential services during pandemic.

The package is designed to take place over the course of a full day. 3-4 hours in the morning consist of a short introduction followed by the simulation. A further 2-3 hours are then required for de-briefing.

The package consists of:

  1. An introductory note
  2. A briefing note for participants
  3. An agenda for the day
  4. A Powerpoint presentation to deliver at the start of the exercise
  5. A paper with the different scenarios and injects that will be brought in during the course of the exercise – these should be tailored to your local context
  6. Notes for the facilitator(s)
  7. A Powerpoint presentation to use during the exercise presenting the scenarios and injects
  8. A Powerpoint presentation to use at the end of the day in debriefing
  9. An evaluation questionnaire for participants to complete

The package was developed by the Pandemic Influenza Coordination team in the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Geneva.