TASW Newsletter: July 2012

Towards a Safer World is a multi-stakeholder network of practitioners, led by the UN System Influenza Coordination office and World Food Programme. Its purpose is to identify, disseminate and support implementation of lessons, good practices and innovations that emerged from the enormous amount of work undertaken by civil society, governments and the private sector over recent years to prepare for influenza pandemic – and to demonstrate the relevance of those practices to wider preparedness. Pandemic preparedness measures are relevant to preparedness for other emerging infectious diseases, for low-frequency high-impact events, and for complex unpredictable slow-onset disasters. The TASW network is committed to maintaining the body of whole-of-society readiness practice, communicating it widely and reaching out to others who can benefit from it.

This bi-monthly newsletter provides TASW network members with an opportunity to share recent activities, case studies and developments that may be of wider interest.